Thursday, May 20, 2010

40. Get back into single digit clothing sizes by 2010.

I did it peeps!!! I am officially in SINGLE DIGIT clothing sizes and its been a looooooong time coming. :) Just a brief overview of my pant/dress size over the years...

Highschool: I was steadily in a 7/8 throughout highschool. Sometimes a 5/6, but I mostly stuck with a 7/8.

College: I was an array of sizes throughout college. The first couple years, I stayed at a 7/8, met Mike and my size climbed to a 9/10. When I turned 21, I crash dieted and took supplements and got down to a zero. Yes, a ZERO, people. When I graduated I was around a size 2.

Career: I started off my professional career in a 2, sometimes a 4...stayed that way until about 2004, where I was a size 6. It climbed to an 8 right before I got pregnant with Noah in 2005, due to a miscarriage I had the previous year.

Motherhood: Before getting pregnant with Noah I was wearing an 8. I gained 50 lbs with that pregnancy and was a size 12 after giving birth to him. 20 months after Noah was born, I got pregnant again and was in a size 14 after giving birth to Caleb.

Now: My baby just had his 2nd birthday and I was wearing size 8 pants. WOOHOO! 4 1/2 years after I had Noah I am back into my PRE-PREGNANCY jeans! Can you believe it? It took me long enough, but hey, I got there. ;)